Two Tier Affiliate Programs Exploit EBay Goldrush

It won’t have escaped your attention that eBay is the ultimate location to watch money change hands every minute. A place where thousands of Traders frantically compete for Bargain Hunter’s Cash.

The Result? Fierce competition, plus huge demand for products and services capable of giving one eBay Trader the ‘edge’ over another.

Back in the American Gold Rush, Pick & Shovel Merchants made fabulous profits, while most Prospectors just got back-ache, moonshine poisoning and about enough gold to replace a lost tooth filling. Well, now there’s a chance for you to become a ‘Pick & Shovel Affiliate’ for the eBay Gold Rush.

Consider the first rule of Wealth Building: Find a huge, hungry crowd, then feed it. Might those thousands of eBay Traders qualify? Do you imagine they would respond well to a proposition which could substantially increase their earnings?

Here’s the thing. Your long term affiliate success is more likely in a big, active marketplace (like eBay) than in some tiny niche. In addition, entrepreneurs (like eBay Traders) are less resistant to buying because, where it suits, they can justify their purchase as an ‘investment’.

But choosing to promote ‘any old offer’ likely to appeal to eBay Traders simply won’t do. You must choose very carefully. Top ‘Two-Tier’ Affiliate Programs place you in a great position to leverage your returns.

Why? Because all worthwhile Affiliate Programs have key features, e.g.

Strong Brand
No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee
Good Commission
Residual Sales Potential
Quality Promotional Material

However, the real clincher’s the presence of a ‘Two-Tier’ Reward Structure.

Most affiliate programs only allow you to earn commission when someone clicks your affiliate link, then buys.

However, with Two-Tier Programs, here’s what happens if someone who clicks your affiliate link is ‘just browsing’, but at the same time ‘receptive’ to money making opportunities. (Note, this could include nosey competitors checking up on your activities).

He (or she) clicks your affiliate link to learn what’s on offer. If a sale results, great! You earn a first-tier commission. But whether or not that happens, something useful occurs. When using your link to visit the Merchant’s Website, a cookie is typically deposited on the visitor’s PC (often that cookie remains active for months).

Now, even if it does not enter the mind of the person who clicked your link, to join the Merchant’s Affiliate Program there and then, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s say they return to the Merchant’s Website ‘weeks’ later. At that point, they decide to join the program.

Because the cookie identifies you to the Merchant as the original referrer, you stand to earn ‘second-tier’ commissions on every sale the new affiliate generates. Dependent on the Terms of the Program, you could earn effortless commissions for years to come!

(By the way, the new affiliate who joined the program sometime after clicking your link, doesn’t loose part of his / her commission as a result of your involvement. He – or she – becomes a promoter of the Merchant’s Program on exactly the same terms as you, and is eligible to earn first and second-tier commission – just like you).

OK, your second-tier commission might only be (say) 10% but, by selecting the ‘right’ Two-Tier Program, that 10% can amount to $20 or $30 per sale (more in some cases).

Just consider what might happen if some of those who discover, then join, the affiliate program via your link, are ezine publishers, or owners of high-traffic blogs / websites? If they promote the Merchant’s Offer successfully, the number of second-tier commissions you stand to receive could be enormous!

Important: Don’t make the mistake of confusing this with MLM or Pyramid Selling. Likewise, don’t sit back waiting for others to generate ‘second-tier’ commissions for you, while you do nothing to earn first-tier ones. Simply look on second-tier commissions as a welcome bonus.

Let’s Review.

Find a big active marketplace (eBay’s Ideal). Join some top Two-Tier Affiliate Programs. Actively promote for normal ‘first-tier’ commissions. But standby for a windfall on the second-tier, every time someone with serious ‘web-traffic influence’, joins the same program through your link, then promotes the Merchant’s Offer successfully.

‘Strong’ Two-Tier Affiliate Offers likely to interest eBay Traders take time to track down, but here’s an excellent example: Example. When taking a look, don’t forget to open the link to the ‘affiliate program’ that you’ll find there . Then check out the Terms, Promotional Aids etc. (To access another brilliant Two-Tier Program targeting new / existing eBay Traders, visit my website!)

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